Wellness Pod

Relax • Reset • Explore

Find inner balance through meditation and mindfulness or learning more about diet and healthy living within a rejuvenating personalized escape.

Designed to reduce stress, promote relaxation, enhance muscle recovery and more, Wellness Pods offer a unique, immersive multi-sensory experience that can be enjoyed by anyone, anytime.

Our Wellness Pod features

Soundscape Videos

Escape with the soothing sounds of nature or mesmerizing sights of cities across the world — all from the comfort and convenience of a Wellness Pod.

Scent Infusion

From fresh pine to tropical coconut, you have the option of accompanying your experience with scent infusions specifically targeted to reduce stress and enhance relaxation.

Meditation & Breathing Exercises

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life and reset their minds and refresh their bodies with calming meditation and breathing exercises.

Heart-Rate Monitoring

Track your state of relaxation during each session, allowing you to be more aware of your presence and more in control of their state of mind.

Healthy Living & Self-Improvement Tips

Learn more about how to best fuel your body — get tips on proper nutrition, the benefits of exercise and healthy ways to become more physically fit.

Heat Therapy

Soothe sore muscles or an achy back during any session with built-in heated seats. Or, if preferred, users can turn on their overhead fan for a cool breeze while relaxing. 

A Total Fitness Experience

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