Rooftop Fitness

What Is Rooftop Fitness? 

Here at Fitometry, our experts recognize the need to provide a unique and safe fitness outlet for our members. We have engineered your fitness experience with your needs in mind.  Introducing our rooftop fitness area: the Oxygen Zone. Here, you will enjoy our rooftop lounge, group fitness classes, and more available outdoors.

Benefits of Exercising at a Rooftop Gym

A Break for Your Eyes and Brain

Based on the screentime statistics published by Comparitech, an average person spends around 7 hours on

their screen. Taking a break and immersing yourself outdoors while exercising will help you relax your mind and eyes.

Boosts Your Mood and Happiness

Nature, regardless of what form, helps reduce anxiety, allowing you to have more mental peace, especially if you’re doing yoga or pilates. The outdoor rooftop gym might be a good venue for days when you’re feeling down.

Helps You Sleep Better

Consider exercising outdoors if you’re experiencing insomnia or other sleeping problems. Studies have shown that getting fresh air helps alleviate insomnia and improve your sleep.

A Total Fitness Experience

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