What is Fitometry?

Fitometry (Fit·aa·muh·tree) is the science of compiling data from a full range of experiences to track endurance, muscular strength and aerobic fitness as part of your wellness continuum. 

As the alternative to gyms that just provide a facility to exercise, our mission is to empower you to feel savvy about your fitness.

Our concept connects in-person and remote member experiences for a total view of your fitness profile. And because our facility is fully digitized, you aren’t tethered by our club’s 4 walls distinguishing us from the traditional health club. But when you do come to the club for IRL exercise you’ll experience our premium amenities, immersive state of the art equipment, and our “open air” fitness space.

Why Fitometry?

Fully Connected Facility

From strength to cardio to group exercise classes, our state-of-the-art equipment digitally tracks and connects your training within our existing digital ecosystem. What’s more, our workout tracking network captures data from your favorite fitness apps helping you create a complete, unified exercise experience unlike anything else.


A guided, fully connected strength training experience that helps newcomers get started and enthusiasts shatter limits. You define your physical transformation target, receive step-by-step instruction and identify your benchmark weight to begin a personalized progression program that helps you reach your goals more effectively than ever.

A New Approach To Personal Training

Unlike most gyms, Fitometry provides you with ongoing fitness management and oversight, not just when you meet with a personal trainer. Through our omni-channel approach, our trainers have a greater level of insight into your fitness journey meaning we are better positioned to support your healthy lifestyle.

It’s What You Deserve

Dedicated to providing you with high-quality, customized, and personal professional fitness services, our goal is to help you in making your wellness an integral part of your lifestyle.



Extensive support and superior service that leads to creating a strong community where members are supported.


Customized nutritional support and education.


Personalized fitness programs and performance tracking to drive positive results.


Diverse service options that promote body recuperation.


Performance monitoring and personal incentives to keep members motivated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Find a Personal Trainer Perfect for You

Fitometry has a wonderful team of dedicated trainers. Each one has a specialty, from keto to bodybuilding and everything else in between.

To match you with the right one, we’ve come up with a Personality Test. Answer our test today to find the trainer who fits your fitness and nutrition goals.

A Total Fitness Experience

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