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Get Connected

As the alternative to gyms that just provide a facility to exercise, our mission is to empower you to feel savvy about your fitness. Our concept connects in-person and remote member experiences for a total view of your fitness profile. And because our facility is fully digitized, you aren’t tethered by our club’s four walls distinguishing us from the traditional health club. But when you do come to the club for IRL exercise you’ll experience our premium amenities, immersive state of the art equipment, and our “open air” rooftop space.

Connected Strength

Experience a fully connected strength training experience that helps newcomers get started or strength enthusiasts shatter limits. Define your physical transformation target, receive step-by-step instruction and identify your benchmark weight to begin a personalized progression program that helps you reach your goals more effectively than ever.

Your recovery and wellness is as equally important to your health and fitness as your fitness regimen. Our Zen Zone has been designed to combine luxury and science all in a touchless environment. From hydromassages to vitality treatments to halotherapy, come experience the innovative technology that will sooth the body and mind.



Vitality Booth

Wellness Pod

Body Scanning

Experience the latest body composition technology to more effectively track results to reach your goals. Body scanning helps track your progress and is an important tool for establishing a baseline when beginning a workout program.


Wide Variety

With a wide variety of dynamic classes, your workouts will always remain fresh and fun. From meditation to motivation, you’ll find it here. And what’s better? All classes are included with membership.

For Everyone

Our classes are designed for every skill levels. From beginners to the experienced, you’ll find a class that works for you.

Instructor Led Options

With IRL and digital instructors, a full range of classes are readily available almost every hour. And when you cant make our classes in club, take your classes at home or on the go with the on-demand options available.

Fitness University

Fitness education is a subcomponent of our Total Fitness Experience. In providing knowledge and a better understanding of your fitness levels, we can better position you to set attainable goals, health habits and healthier lifestyles that are fun and sustainable.

A Total Fitness Experience

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